About Ingenea

Archimedes stated “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

That same philosophy is what drives Ingenea Limited. We provide a fulcrum on which to leverage your investments in software and services.

We’re a holding company for various publishers of: technical newsletters, membership sites, software and services – each offering ingenious ideas, information, products, and services.

Most of what we publish is very practical. These are levers pivoting on our fulcrum designed to raise the opportunity of your success.

Ingenea Limited today reaches around the world with subscribers benefitting from our publications.

We continue to draw on the experience of our founders gained since the late 1970’s. Their foresight creates the reality of ingenious publications delivered using the latest internet technology to give our subscribers a competitive advantage.

Our icon, our logo, reflects our philosophy. Look at it from any direction, any perspective, all ways we see a positive. No matter how you engage with us we aim for that to also always be a positive.

And our ideas continue to grow.

By offering a wide range of ingenious tools we’re proud to say that the vision of Archimedes lives on.